Created in 2014, The Chalet Sessions aims to support aspiring musicians by helping them reach a wider audience, and help listeners discover the very best of our local music at the same time.

The project places a particular focus on the Swiss experience by inviting artists from all corners of Switzerland, as well as international artists passing through the area, for an opportunity to perform within a traditional backdrop that includes typical Swiss chalets and unforgettable regional landscapes.

The Chalet Sessions offers participating musicians professional-grade audio recording accompanied by a high-quality video of a short live performance within this unique setting. The sessions are intended to showcase each artist in a relaxed and honest context.


Who We Are... 

Our team is comprised of videographers, audio engineers, photographers, and a handful of volunteers working together to make every session’s release possible. The Chalet Sessions team is run by Jeremy Moser, Soraia Binzagr, Ewan Hails, and Rejane Chassot, who often plan our sessions while sipping on a foamy beverage in a café at the heart Lausanne.

The Chalet Sessions co-founders,  Jeremy Moser and Soraia Binz
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